About the Author

Monique Elizabeth McKay is a UCF graduate with 26 years of Registered Nurse experience. She has held various roles throughout her healthcare career educating patients and families on Disease Management to facilitate optimum recovery. She’s an avid patient advocate and is continuously seeking ways to collaborate and effectively articulate information to the healthcare team. Monique is a member of several prestigious health organizations and currently serves on several nonprofit boards. She is the President of  Unique Path LLC, a company dedicated to building self awareness and personal development in increased confidence and is the author of a Self Transformational book titled “Still Feeling Markdown? It’s Time To Stop, Choose You and Embrace Your Unique Value”. This book explores how she overcame anger along with a distorted perception of life and constant feelings of low self esteem after being born with a birth abnormality that was not corrected to increase confidence and self awareness.  Her vision is to encourage individuals to embrace their uniqueness to find their true calling and ultimately fulfill their life purpose. She has two kids in college who have been her daily inspiration and can be reached at http://www.uniquepathwellness.com.