Radical Woman: 1 In A Million
Radical Woman: 1 In A Million
Radical Woman: 1 In A Million
Radical Woman: 1 In A Million

Radical Woman: 1 In A Million

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What will be your outcome? Will your problems overtake you? Or, will you outlast your problems?

Are you tired of not knowing what to do or which way to turn, all the while wondering, “when will I have it easy” or “when will my struggle end”? Does this sound familiar to you?

The good news is, you are the ONE who can outperform your current circumstances. The bad news is, you will have to work for it.

So, what’s the anecdote to overcome pain, problems, and trauma? The answer is, you have to build up Resilience.

In, Radical Woman: 1 In A Million, 11 authors

share stories of how they developed Resilience After Difficult Issues, Changes, and Losses.

Radical Woman: 1 In A Million is a Women’s Empowerment book that inspires women to take action and transform from depressed to successful. The authors discuss battles with abandonment, abnormalities, abuse, depression, domestic violence, instability, and miscarriages. They’re speaking up, inspiring women worldwide who are just like them to launch forward.

In Radical Woman: 1 In A Million, the authors break silence on feelings of not being good enough, unimportant, overlooked, and completely forgotten about, during childhood lasting throughout adulthood. Some women gave up, but these authors discovered their unique abilities to push past the pain. Instead of living with hopelessness, the authors were able to overcome physically and emotionally, and now they are outlining tips and strategies so you can:




Achieve &