It Starts with Vulnerability and Authenticity

If you're on this page reading this, that's because I finally decided to share my story which I started writing since 2018 and with the wavelength of awareness that Covid created, I decided to finally publish my book and pursue my purpose.

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Monique Elizabeth, President of Unique Path Wellness LLC, a company dedicated to building self awareness, personal development and increased self confidence. I’m one of the Coauthors of Radical Woman 1: Million Anthology and is currently working on my second book “Still Feeling Markdown?  This book came about after being born with a birth abnormality and constantly feeling “different” which led to low self-esteem and a distorted perception of life.  Having surgery as an adult to correct this and realizing that this abnormality is never seen in adults or children past age 6 months developed into further feelings of abandonment, insecurity and increased anger towards my family. I used the term “Feeling Markdown” to describe how I felt throughout this time. Being born with a birth abnormality is challenging and how you handle your “Uniqueness” through life will depend on the values, self concept and confidence instilled or developed within your core family structure. These initial feelings can range from confidence to low self esteem and will set the foundation in your life moving forward.  I first became interested in these low vibrational Markdown feelings when I realized that my self awareness and progress in life were being hindered by my thoughts which led to a toxic marriage that ended in divorce. Although my insecurities stem from a birth defect and not having strong family support, it can also arise from other issues including a divorce or breakup, job loss, or any other unresolved losses that took place in your life. The purpose of this book is to encourage women with different levels of insecurity start developing an awareness in this area, with the ultimate goal of building their confidence and self esteem and start moving beyond their obstacles towards transformation.

My transformation from these feelings of insecurity and Markdown to becoming confident took some time as discussed in the book and I’m still doing the work but I found these 3 steps amongst others helped me.

1. Start Choosing You Today- Ask yourself what are the areas of my life that I can start changing today? If it’s your weight-start by changing your diet; if it's anger, start writing or journaling your feelings which has scientifically been shown to help.

2. Explore the root of any nagging or negative feelings or past traumas. Instead of always shaking off feelings of insecurity, anger, low self esteem or even tiredness, start taking note and intentionally disrupt these thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Ignoring these thoughts leads to more feelings of emotional disappointment.

3. Be honest with yourself and own your part of any relationships you’ve been in. The people you’re in a relationship with are either reflections of a repeated cycle or guides towards a new start. Intentionally start looking at the pattern of the type of people you’re meeting and measure your progress.

Letting go of Markdown Feelings and Choosing You means you start to build confidence in any areas that are hindering your self awareness. Healing takes time and patience but is very much worth it. If you feel you are falling short of your ideals, your self-esteem, and the goals you have for your life, give yourself grace and realize that you're not alone. Find a reputable, licensed counselor to work with and pick up a copy of my book.

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